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Environmental studies, management of permits and authorizations for startup projects and mines in operation.

Environmental Studies

GEMIN ASSOCIATES is authorized by the Ministry of Energy and Mining in Peru to develop environmental studies (Nº 448-2015-MEM/DGAAM): environmental impact studies, environmental impact declarations, technical sustainability reports, etc.

  • Baseline: social and environmental.
  • Environmental management planning.
  • Waste management.

Permits and Authorizations

Perform studies and proceedings in order to obtain the different permits and authorizations required for exploration and exploitation.

  • Permits and licenses, social impact evaluations and archeological evaluations.
  • Water usage studies in order to obtain authorizations and licenses for surface or underground water usage.
  • Authorizations for water usage.
  • Temporary permits for water usage.
  • Authorizations for waste disposal.
  • Obtaining negative certification of archeological remains.
  • Authorizations for mining activities.


Evaluation of mining activities in exploration and exploitation in order to identify improvement opportunities and avoid notifications, fines or sanctions which would otherwise be issued by the different government bodies in Peru.